Pre-made ebook Covers

Thank you for your interest in my cover designs as an independent author, I realize the importance of  a good cover. You could have a wonderful prose and even blurb but if the cover doesn’t catch someone’s eye then chances are they aren’t even going to look at the first sentence. As a reader, I don’t like to see the same cover on several different books either.

Before I became an author, I dabbled in photography.

Now I’ve joined both my passions for photography and books and have decided to venture into book cover creating.

All photographs are taken by me, they are not stock images. Cover designs are $75 and design and photo will be retired after purchased so you can be guaranteed to have an original cover.

Please send email to with your choice of book cover, author name, and title, as well as your Paypal billing email for the invoice.

More options and models will be added soon.

At this time premade full wrap is not available. Will possibly be able to make one upon request.