New Cover Reveal!

I’ve kept this book a little quieter than I normally do. I didn’t want to jump ahead of the train with this one.  I’m doing something a little different. First, it’s not young adult, the characters are in college. However, they are characters you may already know if you’ve been keeping up with the series.

Miley and Declan.  I’m not going to go in to much more detail at this time. I’ll have a blurb ready soon and the first few chapters can be read at the end of the kindle edition of Running on Empty.

If you are confused about who they are, they were the main characters in my first book, Here Comes the Light. It’s no longer available. I’m sorry about that, but I unpublished it due to the fact it needed a little bit more attention. At this time I’m not currently working on it, but sometime in the future I plan a re-release.

Worth Fighting For can be read as a stand alone, or in continuation of Running Back, Overcome and Running on Empty if you are following series.



2 thoughts on “New Cover Reveal!

  1. Hello,
    Is worth fighting for not available any longer and how many books are in this series? Thank you for your great writing

    1. Hi Melody, I’m so glad you are enjoying the series. Worth Fighting For hasn’t been released yet. I’m still working on it. Currently there are three in the series out. I have two more that just need a little tweeking before releasing Worth Fighting For will be next and after that Running Forever. I do plan on at least one more after Running Forever which will be Isaac’s story, but I might try to work on a stand alone before that one.
      Thank you, Emily

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