My Crazy Summer


It was the beginning of May and we were almost done with home school. Summer was approaching and the anticipation was growing. This year I was going to the beach. We hadn’t ever been to the beach as a family. We started saving money anything extra we stashed away in a drawer determined not to touch it no matter what we were going to get there late August.

I couldn’t wait to be finished with home school for the year. I just published Overcome and I was going to use all my spare time writing by my pool.We were there, one more day, one more spelling test was all we had left to do.

My husband came home May 21st said he wasn’t feeling well he might go into quick care. After eating and resting he decided to stick it out another day. His work week was almost done and he’d go to the doctor the next evening if he still wasn’t feeling well.

When he came home he wasn’t better. So we both got ready, I had my coupon binder and list prepared for a grocery shop after the visit while we waited on medicine. Physician’s Care didn’t find anything and didn’t have the equipment to test further so we were sent to the emergency room.

After 7 hours in the ER we were told he had large lumps in his chest that it might be cancer. At three AM the doctor set us up with an oncologist for later the morning.

We saw two cancer doctors the next day. We were told it was one of five things four of them being different cancers and the fifth a bad blood infection. He tried to go back to work after labor day, but he couldn’t work as fast or as long as his employer needed him to.

So we spent a month in limbo going through tests but not having any answers and not able to ask for help of any kind because we didn’t have a confirmed diagnosis. Thankfully we had that beach money, which I’m believing I will get my beach trip when this is all over with. And he had vacation time he was able to take. We were able to see God come through for us and we’re certain he will continue to.

During the month of waiting and never knowing from day to day if we would have to go to a doctor’s appointment or not, we also had a few other tragedies hit our family. A week after we found out it might be cancer my grandpa passed away and a week after that my toddler nephew passed from a car accident that happened the day my grandpa died.

I spent a lot of time on facebook. Seeking encouragement and just trying to get my mind off things. Sometimes I came away discouraged. Like when I read a post how someone was mad someone deleted them. Or a person complaining about their neighbor’s landscaping. Little things that don’t even matter. Maybe that neighbor had the same month we had? I know working on our flower beds was the last thing on our family’s mind.

On June 25th they finally gave us a confirmed diagnosis of Hodgkins Lyphoma which is a type of cancer. We knew nothing else other than we had to get to the hospital that day to have the put port in so he could start chemo June 29.

Monday morning was his first treatment. There we found out he is in stage 2, which is good. It’s confined to the upper part of his body.  The chemo is every other Monday for six months.  That means he won’t be able to work for at least that long and at the moment my royalty payments aren’t going to pay the bills. I’m still trying to get my name out there as a writer.

My summer has not been what I planned. My skin is not the rich golden brown it normally is at this time and I’ve barely written 5,000 words since it all began. It’s going to be a rough road. That doesn’t mean God is not still in control. I know he is and when I get to the other side of this trial there is a big reward. The greater the mountain, the greater the call, right? Even though every thing is happening to try to get me to stop writing, I won’t. I may have slowed down some, but I’m not going to stop.

I thank everyone who has supported us through this, the ones that have brought food, helped financially, stayed with my kids, prayed and sent encouraging words.


Hodgkin’s does have a high survivor rate and with prayer and lots of fighting we will get through to the other side stronger than ever. Thanks for all of those backing us.


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