Reading on a budget


Even though I’m an author and do some photography on the side, I still consider myself a stay-at-home mom. In today’s economy it’s nearly impossible to survive on one income, but by the grace of God we do. We find creative ways to save money so I can continue my dream of writing and home schooling my children at the same time.

With me being an avid reader, I’ve found several ways to cut cost on books that could be up to $20 a piece for a brand new hardcover. And let’s face it who wants to wait for the paperback when you’ve already waited a year for the next book in your favorite series to come out? If you can read a book or two a week it could cost almost $100 a month.

Physical copies

1. First place to save is obvious, your local library, it’s free and you can read as much as you like. My library lets me put books on hold that they don’t have. They are connected to a system that spans across the entire state. Rarely is there a book that they can’t get in for me.

2. Library book sales. Most libraries have a book sale periodically where you can find used books for as little as a quarter a piece.

3. Ollie’s, do you have an Ollie’s close to you? Check out their book section. They always have some hidden gems in there. I recently found a paperback copy of If I Stay by Gale Forman for only $1.99. The movie is set to release this August. Other books I’ve found there include, but are not limited to The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton which was one of my favorites as a teen. The Sky is Everywhere, I hadn’t even heard of until I saw it amongst Ollie’s shelf, ended up being one of my favorite reads last year.

4. Goodreads giveaways. If you have a Goodreads account there is a section just of giveaways authors are looking for people to read their books and recommend them to your friends. This isn’t a guarantee but it’s always fun to enter. Who knows you might win a free paperback that you fall in love with.

5. Author blogs and facebook pages. Authors are always running giveaways on their blogs and facebook pages.

6., though this one isn’t as big of a deal considering you do have to pay shipping. I browse the scratch and dent section and the last time I placed an order I got five books for less than $15 including shipping.


7. Another thing on Goodreads if you are an ebook reader there are groups where authors will give you ebooks just for reading and giving an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon. Most can send you a file that is compatible with whatever ereader you own.

8. Kindle freebies. Everyday there are hundreds of freebies available for Kindle just waiting for you to download. If you don’t own a Kindle you can download the free app on almost any device.


9. Most libraries offer audio versions of your favorite books. My library has an app that can be downloaded to my phone which not only makes audiobook available, but digital books as well.

Where do you find the best deals on what you read?


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