A sneak peek at Running Back

    Here is a sneak peek of Running Back as I go through the final edits. Image



    “Wait a second…” Colten said as he leaned up on an elbow, “who you textin’?”
    “Well…” Garrett said as he stared at his phone waiting for the reply. “I got Bree’s number.”
    Colten hooted like he was a proud papa. “You picking up on my stellar lady skills finally?” he nodded with a crooked grin.
    “Yeah, so stellar the only girl you care about won’t talk to you.” Garrett laughed. His heart jumped when his phone alerted him of the text being returned.
    She sent a simple Hey. Back.
    Garrett’s thumb hovered over his phone ready to reply when Colten swiped it from him.
    Garrett’s brow furrowed at Colten. “Do not text her back right away. Make her wait, girls love that stuff.” He waved the phone around in his hand. “Let her chase you.”
    Garrett held his hands out, palms up. “I just got her to talk to me.”
    “No listen to me, man.” Colten sat straight up and continued to swing the phone around. “You make her wait a little bit then when you text back say something about how sexy she looked tonight and how you can’t wait to see more of her body.”
    Garrett glared at him with a blank stare, “No, I finally have her convinced I’m not a big jerk just wanting in her pants. I’m not going to turn around and make her think that again.”
    “Your loss man.” He said finally tossing the phone back at Garrett. “Go ahead and tell her how pretty her eyes are, see how far that gets you.”
    Garrett just shook his head as he typed in a response to her last text. WYD?
    “What you doing? How original.” Colten snorted a laugh, Garrett wasn’t aware Colten leaned over him to read what he sent. “At least you could be a little more creative and ask her what she’s wearing.”
    “She’s babysitting.” Garrett spat out.
    “So, doesn’t mean she can’t make something up to feed your imagination.” Colten said, now swinging the football around.
    His phone chimed. Nothing you? She replied.
    “See that would have been more interesting answer to the ‘what you wearing question.’” Colten waved his hand in the air.


    I will keep everyone posted on a release date. It is still not set in stone, my original goal was the end of March. It should be ready soon.


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